mercoledì 18 settembre 2013

That's America

Goodmorning America!
Drivers yell between cups of coffee and bottles of Coke, wandering through KFC, McDonald's and Subways. Watching Obama's speech and observing Americans: a President as a symbol of collective hope, a way to feel all united.
 "Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness : we will seize it as long as we seize it together ."

Obama smiles to his America, this America of Africans with pins, hats, magnets of Him. The America of the elegant jet set of Washington's businessmen and career women with their high hills in their purses. The America of the young professionals of Capitol Hill, of the Hispanics of Columbia Heights, of Chinese living on the 8th and the Europeans of Dupont Circle. This America who is striving against liberal market problems, health care concerns and university loans, the America of accessible roads and possibilities, of half dreams and semi-freedom.

This America reflected in the streets of Washington, the town of networking and lobbying, of  parties and happy hours, of everywhere free wifi and shopping 24/7. Friday evenings sitting in an open bar, ordering in English and greeting in French, hablando español in this international city. Two moijito and a ride with bikesharing before talking of democracy with complete strangers, glorifying the power of marketing and the strength of networking. In the city of the White House and gay bars, of bohemian cafés and second-hand bookstores. The Washington of Adams Morgan and its music till the morning, of the Diner and the Coupe and their outdoor tables, of  Perry's and its terrace overlooking the city, Christmas lights in a summer sunset. Washington 's of Howard University and its white towers dreaming of the Caribbean, Washington of Latin American parties of Mezze, BBQs in Georgetown and Ladies Nights at the Centro de F. City of transition and life choices, of one day travel fellows and unforgettable life companions.
Small pieces of heart scattered around the world, pursuing happiness in a foreign land.

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