domenica 1 settembre 2013


                                                                                     Washington, DC

"Do you travel to discover your future?"
- Italo Calvino- "Le città invisibili"

A black and white poster of monks walking away, surrounded by pictures of people and places. Back home, feeling finally safe from all life turbulence.
Maybe, or maybe not.
What makes a place our home, changing its borders to adjust to our feelings and win our solitude fears?
So that's for you, Emma, Mika, Euge, Dimitra, Agot, Francesca, Nathalia, Ligia, Xoan, and for all those who have remained here:  Sofia, Piera, Giulia, Ele, Damiano,  Francesca, Maria Chiara, Benedetta, for all who have followed my changing life decisions and support my crazy job and life plans, listening without judging, advising  without trying to re direct me. For all those who have made me understand what I want after two tequilas or hanging out on a sofa with a beer.  For all those who have listened to hours of crazy travel plans and tried to follow complicated existential turns. For all those who reminded me not to let life put me down, encouraging with your words and hugging me in front of a piece of cake.
You made me better understand who I am and where I want to go.
You have made anonymous  geographical spots  became the invisible cities of my hearth.
Oversea or back here, you will always be my home, wherever a damned application or my even worse free spirit will send me. The good or bad that will turn out of me will always also be partly of your fault :).
Grazie Mille, con tutto il mio cuore.

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