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Be, all together, the change

May 22, 2012
The two “ships of legality” depart from Civitavecchia and Naples. Students, teachers, politicians, associations, citizens on board.
All together against the Mafia.
To discuss, to listen and remember, in order not to forget.
Once in a while, everybody at the same level, sailing together side by side.
 Violence, crime, blood.
The crisis and ethics: an ethics of crisis against the courage of memory, of ideas that survive. Justice, dignity, responsibility: words that are the foundation of democracy. Sharing the risk, finding the courage to make a choice, hoping for a change.
Being, all together, that change.
Do not be afraid to be afraid.
Living life to the end, do not waste even a moment .

Andrea is eighteen years old: his dream is to become a journalist, and has the courage to write .
Sara is twelve years old: she wants to be a waitress and has never been afraid.
Melissa was sixteen years old: that day she was going to school. And wanted to live.
Giovanni was fifty-three years: he was a magistrate and, like all other men, was afraid.

May 23, 1992
Capaci. 5.58 PM .
Five hundred pounds of TNT exploded, blowing up the car of a judge from Palermo and men of the police escort. Giovanni Falcone , Francesca Morvillo , Vito Schifani, Antonio Dicillo and Rocco Montinaro died .

May 23, 2012
Palermo. Thousands of people together, in order not to forget .
“You haven’t killed them : their ideas walk on our feet ."
Green, white and red balloons flew up in the sky .
Flags at the wrists, banners in hand: we go.One, ten, a hundred steps towards Falcone’s tree.
Crying out loud, without fear.

“Men come and go, ideas remain.
They will stay alive with their moral tension and continue to walk on the legs of others"
                                                                                                          - Giovanni Falcone-

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