martedì 24 luglio 2012


"Welcome, take place: there is space, if you can adapt."
…The world whispers.

Your baggage prepared, the route traced, a map in your hands: time to leave, ready to go.

Maybe we will became friends with lute players, we will follow painters and loose ourselves in invisible castles, we will get to know the art of Indian massage, we will listen to fortune tellers who will look at our future unravelling our past…We will be fascinated by distant fires burning in the night, we will look at the sunrise on a fairytale island, listening to forgotten stories in a distant fragment of the world…

It was about "A furious and indecent thirst for life" that Ivan Karamazov used to talk…

Trapped in two worlds, the traveller is searching for his place: out of his universe, he studies the vocabulary of different lands, crossing the slippery limbo of the unknown, seeking for the cipher book of the universe, of understanding of another, he travels through the promised land to report back to those remained at home.
Man on the border, slave of his binoculars, observer from a distance ...
But he cannot remain still: he is always asking for more, his eyes widening, his look embracing the horizon. In his thoughts are visions of strange lands, sounds of unknown languages, memories of invisible worlds. Beyond the border in order to get rid of the everyday life.
Seeking for the essential, he has the look of butterfly, pledging to fly high. 
Courageous creator of himself, he believes he can capture dreams.

When I was seventeen I bought a painting of barefoot Buddhist monks walking on a path.
Since then it has become my metaphor for life.

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