mercoledì 25 luglio 2012

Towards a Bay of dragon and a land of lanterns

                                                                                Vietnam, Halong Bay [1]

Time to leave…Again.
Months ago, walking in a park in a early spring afternoon, a friend asked me where I would like to go next, which part of the world I would elect as my next destination.
Thus, We both found ourselves dreaming of ethereal temples of the East, travelling with our minds on wooden little boats at sunset, our hearths captured by a thousand silent prayers.
This was the way this trip was planned: maybe by chance, or because of the destiny, surely thanks to my resolution.

So I am now leaving for Bangkok.
From there, I will head to the North, to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, approaching the "Golden Triangle", dreaming of Burma from a distance. Then river crossing into Laos: a cruise on the Mekong, up to Luang Prabang , a fabulous city of wanders, ensnared between temples, wooden houses and mountains, that made the Buddha smile. Abandoned the idea of a 24-hour bus trip to Vietnam, on the 5th of August I’m landing in Hanoi.
There, one of my dream will eventually come true as I’ll discover a stunning bay where a family of dragons defended the country from a foreign invasion. According to the legend, they cast jewels into the sea, which turned into dozens of islands, thus making Ha Long an impregnable fortress, a treasure of incomparable beauty. Then I might go for a boat tour of the island or I will just chill out on a beach, approaching a fairytale reality: I guess it will be hard to leave.

At the end, I will follow my the track again, curious to see the ancient capital Hue, and Hoi An, a small port of bridges and lanterns...Then I’ll head to Saigon (which is now called Ho Chi Minh city, but that with the former name holds a total different charm). Over there another journey will begin: I’ll continue my travels with to friends, moving to the Mekong Delta and to Cambodia.
Now the question is: “Will I be alone until you reach Saigon?”
Well, yes, but I do think we are never alone, if we learn to recognize the little signs of so many fellows, silent angels by our sides ...

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