lunedì 7 ottobre 2013

"Only those who dare will be able to fly"

"Our time is limited, so we don t have to waste it living somebody else life. We cannot let dogmas put us in a cage, we cannot live following somebody else thoughts. we cannot let the noise of other people' s thoughts hide our inner voice. 
And, mostly, we need to follow our heart and our intuition: somehow they know what we really want to become.
Everything else doesn't count"
                                                                                                            - Steve Jobs-

Now I finally hear the Italian newspapers talking about Africa, because of the death of hundreds of migrants, realizing distracted, with years of delay, that Africa is a continent torn apart and in war. So, I think of those immigrants dear to none, and of many of my friends, who have emigrated to search for a better future somewhere else. And I also think I of all the others who have remained here, saving for their retreat or planning a mortgage in order to buy their future home.
And I realize that I will always be different.
"If you prefer freedom to economic security, if you will always feel better in a studio rather than in a loft, it is not running that you will find joy. Ensure that your wishes match your needs, and you will realize that you don't think about the Rockefeller Center anymore "

I have copied this phrase in all my agenda, since 2008.
And with this in mind I have stubbornly planned my trip to Ivory Coast, my 3 months in Bolivia, my inner journey to the Middle East and my volunteering experience in Kolkata. I've always loved the freedom of a lightweight luggage, the feeling of knowing that I could start elsewhere again, with only few things packed and the most in my hearth. I hate moving but maybe it's a odi et amo, and perhaps my mum is right when she says that I will never be happy.
Or maybe the truth is that "I will always have a dream in mind" , as one of my friend told me.
"Only those who dare will be able to fly"

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