domenica 21 ottobre 2012


This evening I should publish a post about temples, rice paddies and children ...
I should write a nice page on Cambodia describing places that make you dream.
But I will talk about a page of my life, and I will devote it to an angel I met tonight.
It's 10 30 pm and I am in a remote village near Bangkok.
I left from Cambodia at 7 am and I was supposed to get to Bangkok at 7pm...On time for a very important skype interview at 10 pm.
But that’s what happened:
- phone lost on the first bus:
- seven minivans changed on the way to Thailand;
- accident with a truck overturned on the road,
- four-hour delay;
- Almost missed my job interview (for which I gave up three days of relax on an island...)

What happened then ...?
I met one of those angels who wait at the roadside, who doesn’t speak your language but understand your heart, who doesn’t need your ID card to trust you and  watch your sadness healing your pain…
My angel’s name is Amp, she doesn’t speak English and doesn’t even know my name.
I met her on the street: she was coming home from work, I was walking on the roadside, desperately alone, seeking for an internet cafe '.
After realizing that I would never be in Bangkok before midnight I went off the bus in a remote thai village.
Amp saw me, tried to understand what I was saying and finally took me to her house.
She gave me the keys (!) and guided me into a fantastic internet point.
Tonight she will to sleep at a friend’s: I will sleep in her house, a perfect stranger that she has welcomed home. The only thing I managed to say was the warmest thank you form my heart…

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