mercoledì 8 agosto 2012

Chiang Mai's Memories

Silence within the walls: the recall of a near hoopoe, temples hidden behind white walls, suddenly standing out against the sky. An old, knobbed woman on a street corner: she looks at me, begging a smile, immediately returned.
Statues of elephants and temples of dragons: too beautiful to be captured by a photo. Buying sparrows and turtles in a temple, and then taking them to the river with a prayer.
Loosing yourself cycling through the small streets of Chiang Mai: a city of shrines or temple of a city?
A mass in a Thai church: certain glances looks the same in every corner of the world, some gestures as ciphers of a universal language. Voices of monks behind the windows, measured bows, words whispered with folded hands: "Kob Koon Ka", I repeat.
Suddenly a fragile silence, emphasized by the delicate sound of small bells… Forests and mountains as far as the eye can see: the sun colouring of gold sleepy dragons, as the light fades away in the sky, in a shimmering rainbow broken by the sharp orange of a Buddist Monk, passing away with a smile…

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